“The Crucible” Part Three (Act One, Characters)


Before we begin Act 1, I want you to describe what the town of Salem was like BEFORE the witch hunt. Write a little synopsis about the following (we will compare it to life after the witch hunt):

  1. Government
  2. Religion
  3. Economics
  4. Social Life
  5. Important figures and their roles


As you read, I want you take notes in your book about the characters. What and how does Arthur Miller reveal information to you? You will eventually create character charts for each of the major characters. In those charts I want you to analyze them using these 5 facets. (You need to back up everything you write with evidence):

  1. Motive (what moves that character to action, either good or bad?)
  2. Connection (how are they connected to other characters in the drama? Relationships? Which “group” do they belong to (Putnam or Nurse)?)
  3. Examples of Indirect Characterization (how does Miller use dialogue and stage directions to reveal information about the characters?)
  4. Examples of Direct Characterization (when and why does Miller directly share information with you about a character?)
  5. Prediction (what do you think will be this character’s final fate in the story based on what Miller reveals in Act One?)


In this drama, it is important to understand how the different characters are connected. I want you to create a visual representation showing the connections between the different characters. How you do it is up to you. It needs to include ALL the characters from Act One.


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