“The Giver” Part One (Chapters 1 and 2)

Read chapters one and two. As you read, I want you to find at least 5 words you do not know and add them to your Quizlet list.

You will be keeping a “Reading Journal” as you move through this book. I want you to complete the following in your reading journal:


  1. STYLE: Copy down two sentences from EACH chapter that you would consider “good writing” or “unique writing.”
  2. CHARACTERS: Make a list of the characters in the book and write down a short description of each as you read.
  3. MECHANICS: Why do you think the author capitalizes job descriptions? (for example: Nurturer, Pilot, etc.)
  4. INFERENCE: Why does Jonas and Lily laugh at the word “animals?” Two important words for the society in which Jonas lives are introduced in chapter one. What do you think they mean?
    1. Released
    2. The Receiver
  5. PREDICTION: What do you think Jonas’s assignment will be? What do you think will happen to the baby, Gabe?
  6. CONNECTION: How would you feel if your occupation or job was chosen for you? How would you feel if your spouse was chosen for you?
  7. ANALYSIS: Why do you think there are so many rules in Jonas’s community? Think about this quote from Benjamin Franklin, “Those who desire to give up freedom in order to gain security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one.”
  8. I want you to describe in one paragraph what this society is like. In another paragraph, make at least one TEXT-TO-TEXT connection and one TEXT-TO-WORLD connection.

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