“The Crucible” Part Five (Act Three and Big Questions)

You have three more “Big Questions” to think about:

  1. Why did Arthur Miller title his play “The Crucible?”
  2. Why did Miller write this play when he did (1950s)?
  3. Do you think something like this could ever happen again?
  4. Who is the “hero” in this play?

I want you to first think about numbers 1 and 4. Go back to the story. Review. Look over your list of characters.

I want you to pull out 3 characters that you feel like changed the most in this story. Write a brief description next to each one (a short paragraph, 3-5 sentences). How did they change? Why did they change? Did they change for better or worse?

Next, give me a one paragraph analysis for why Arthur Miller called this drama “The Crucible.” (5-6 sentences)

Then do the same thing for question #4. Who is the hero in this play? Write one paragraph defending your answer.


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