“The Crucible” Part Six (Connecting to Current Events)

Do you think something like this could ever happen again?

This is the last questions for this drama and perhaps the most important. Arthur Miller’s play continues to be popular and well read. It seems that despite what is going on in the world, people find the play relevant to their own lives as well as the world at large. I would like you to think about things that are happening in the world today as well as in recent history (the past 10-15 years). Have we had similar “witch hunts?” Have large groups of people in our country succumbed to fear of something they don’t understand, resulting in actions they later regret? Do people continue to use “trigger words” to label those they hate/want to get rid of (i.e. “witch” and “communist”)? How do people continue to use fear to persuade the population? I want you to write down three current events that come to mind and briefly describe each one. Then, do some research! Look at current news articles to find actual examples of “Crucible-like” events and then write a long paragraph describing how that current event relates to “The Crucible.” You may use the websites below to help you: (Browse a little on each website and then use their search tools to plug in the three ideas that you already brainstormed to see what comes up)


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