“The Giver” Part Four (chapters 9-15)

Jonas is the “Receiver of Memory”

You will be answering questions and completing computer writing practice exercises as you read. Answer the following in complete sentences:

  1. What is a “rhetorical question?”
    1. Create your own rhetorical question
  2. What do you think is significant about the change of scenery when Jonas goes to visit “The Receiver” for the first time?
  3. *** BIG QUESTION: How does the community exercise control over its citizens?
    1. How does limiting books create control?
    2. How does language create control?
  4. When Jonas receives his first memory, Lois Lowry changes her writing style. Why do you think this is?
  5. What is wisdom and how do you gain it?


  1. Write your own memory using the same style of writing for Jonas’s memories
  2. Try to describe something without saying what it is. Use very descriptive language (lots of adjectives). Think of the 5 senses.

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