“The Giver” Part Six (chapters 21-23)

Answer the following questions after you read:

  1. Why does Jonas decide to not go along with the plan he and the Giver made?
  2. What does “ironic” mean?
  3. How does Jonas avoid getting caught?
  4. How does he know his memories are being transferred to the people?
  5. What does Jonas do to help keep Gabe alive?
  6. What does Jonas find at the top of the hill? Why is this significant?
  7. What does Jonas hear?
  8. What do you think happened to Jonas and Gabe?

Lois Lowry left the ending of the novel open. She did this so you as the reader can decide what you think happened/will happen to Jonas and Gabe. Was the ending simply Jonas reliving memories from the Giver, while he and Gabe died in a snowstorm? Or, did he really find a sled at the top of a hill with a community at the bottom just in time for he and Gabe to be rescued? Write a short essay defending your decision, using evidence from the book to support your claim.

ESSAY QUESTION: In the past, and especially in the nineteenth century, hundreds of utopian communities were established in the United States. Research one of these communities and then compare it to Jonas’ community. Write a five paragraph essay. Use this website as a place to begin your research: http://www.history.com/news/history-lists/5-19th-century-utopian-communities-in-the-united-states

Basic Paragraph Outline for Expository Writing*** (4-6 sentences)

  1. Topic Sentences (A sentence stating what this paragraph is about.)
  2. Evidence (This could be a quote, statistics, paraphrasing another’s idea, a summary, etc. Be sure to cite your evidence!)
  3. Explain the evidence (Why did you choose that piece of evidence? How does it relate to your topic sentence?)
  4. Conclusion/Transition (Wrap up your ideas and transition to the next paragraphs)

***This is a starting point for paragraph writing. As you become better and more organized with your thoughts you can and SHOULD break from this mold.

Basic Essay outline for Expository Writing*** (5 paragraphs)

  1. Introductory paragraph (Should include a “hook” to get the reader’s attention as well as a thesis that can be expanded to at least three main points)
  2. Body Paragraph 1 (Thesis main point #1)
  3. Body Paragraph 2 (Thesis main point #2)
  4. Body Paragraph 3 (Thesis main point #3)
  5. Conclusion (Wrap up your ideas. Revisit your thesis and your hook to give your paper a sense of completeness)

***This is a starting point for expository writing. As you become better and more organized with your thoughts you can and SHOULD break from this mold.


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